High Tech Coatings Ceramic Header Coating is a Patented Metal filled ceramically bonded inorganic coating that is non-electrostaticly applied and cured at high temperature. This coating was originally designed to coat turbine blades in jet engines, thus the common name for these coatings are Jet coatings. The coating is applied in a TEN STEP process that takes approximately 12 hours from start to finish. At High Tech Coatings we do not pretend to have some secret formula we simply buy our coating from the company that holds the patent for the coating and has been in the business of making and supplying these coatings for more than 40 years. This coating meets several military specifications and has been in use protecting jet engine parts for decades. Our supplier has more experience with this coating in severe environments (up to 1600°) than many other companies can even dream of.

The fully polished exterior finish is bright and has a chrome-like luster that will NOT turn blue like chrome and outperforms chrome by multiples of ten in accelerated corrosion testing.

We also use a special interior coating on all headers and exhaust manifolds. Most other companies charge extra for this high temperature coating, if they offer it all, but we do it free. It is the best we have found for inside coating so why would we use any thing else?

We also offer this coating as a base coat for our colour coatings, we offer matte black, high luster silver, and cast iron grey.

Most people are familiar with the performance improvements claimed by the other guys, and anything that their coating will do, ours will do and more. We don't make wild claims there is no proof of, improvements vary from engine to engine and car to car but is not uncommon to see a temperature reduction on the outside of the header in the 30 to 40% range.

The biggest gain is accomplished via coating of the inside of the tubes using a process that is rather low-tech but the most cost effective way to ensure complete coverage. This interior coating keeps the hot gases flowing faster and reduces corrosion on the inside of the tubes for consistent performance.


Most often used on

  • Headers
  • Exhaust pipes & Mufflers
  • Intake manifolds
  • Brackets
  • Drive shafts
  • Just about any metal part that can withstand 650°F