Dry Film


Polytrix is a Thermally Bonded Dry Film Lubrication Coating. This Coating reduces friction and provides protection during initial startup as well as during momentary loss of oil pressure. This Micro Thin film (less than .0005) means that parts DO NOT have to be re-clearanced once coated like they do with other coatings. The coating also aids in the even movement of heat away from the part making it a natural benefit for valve springs. The coating is capable of providing lubrication under extreme pressures in excess of 250,000 psi. This coating is designed to cure at 300 F. so as not to affect the metallurgical structure of the coated part.

Engine builders report to us that using this coating on piston skirts reduces wear on the skirt as well as the block. There are power gains to be made here with the reduced friction but the amount will vary with engine setup and from engine to engine so we cannot in good faith give you a number.

When used on multi coil valve springs it will reduce the friction caused by the coils rubbing on each other. This friction causes heat which is the enemy of your spring.

Most often used on

  • Piston skirts
  • Valve Springs
  • Cams, Lifters, Rockers, Push Rods
  • Gears