1) Do the parts have to be new?
No. But the surface you send will be the surface you get back, so if it is full of rust pits the pits will still be there. Before you invest a bunch of money in an old beat up set of headers you may want to think about buying a new set.

2) Should I test fit the parts?
YES! All parts should be test fit before they are sent for coating. It is not uncommon to have to massage a part to make it fit your application even though it is supposed to fit.

3) Where is High Tech Coatings?
We are approximately 40 KM (25 Miles) East of Windsor, Ontario, 1 mile south of the 401 on County Rd 31(Exit#40, St. Joachim Rd, or as close as your nearest courier truck). MAP

4) How much temperature will the coating take?
The coating will provide oxidation protection to 1600 F. We have coated parts that have been exposed to over 1800 F with some limited success. The coating can withstand over 2000 F on some substrates.

5) Will it decrease my under hood temperature? How much?
Yes it will decrease your under hood temperature. The coating typically reduces the out side temperature of the header by 30 to 40%, however the amount it will reduce your under hood temperature depends on many variables such as how tight the engine compartment is and the amount of air flow.

6) Will it increase my flow and horsepower?
Yes. The amount of increase is dependent of many variables so we cannot in good conscience just blurt out a percentage to expect.

7 )How long have you been doing these coatings?
These coatings have been around for about 25 years in the aerospace industry but have just recently trickled down to the automotive industry. We have been actively doing these coatings since 1993.

8) Is this the same as “Jet Hot”?
We buy our coatings direct from the manufacturer in the US that holds the Patent on the coating. We cannot say what coating the other guys use but if I were a betting man I would bet that it is the same! (otherwise there would probably be a patent infringement)

9) Will these coatings work on Wankel rotary engines?
Rotary engines (e.g. Mazda RX7) typically run exhaust temperatures in excess of 1800 F thus our coatings are not recommended for these engines. We have coated several exhaust systems for rotary engines with varying success. We will coat yours but can offer no warranty.